The leisure possibilities in this region are very diverse.  If you prefer nature, you can make beautiful trips in the protected natural park of the Serra da Arrábida or visit the many fantastic beaches and coves where you can enjoy the sun, sea and dolphins. But also the epicurean will find plenty to do here.  The local wine production is top notch and still unknown.  Through the marked wine routes, you can discover true gems in the local Adegas. A good glass of wine should be accompanied by good food. The local but simple cuisine is simply PURE.  They have mastered the art of good food with pure products.

Fancy a day at the beach?  Here you can choose from beautiful beaches big or small, located in a small or bigger bay, where you can dream away under the sun, with your feet in the white sand and with your gaze infinitely at the horizon.

History lovers are in for a treat.  The historical heritage of this region is full of treasures.  You don't even have to travel to Lisbon for it.  You can spend several days in this region, taking in the sights that are to be found here.   To satisfy your hunger for history, a trip to Lisbon is easy and highly recommended. And for those who are still not satisfied..., this region is the right place to plan further discoveries to all sides of this wonderful, beautiful country.  As a base, this location can count.




Regional specialties



For the “pure epicurean”, there are numerous wineries in the region.

The Serra da Arrábida region is known for its beautiful nature. Many birds live in our region and especially in the natural reserves along the estuaries of the Tagus and Sado rivers.

The region is best known for its "Queijo de Azeitão" and Moscatel, but there are also many regional specialties to be found.

Not only beach activities but also almost all other sports can be practiced in the region.

A weekend of shopping.

For those who like to shop, there are plenty of possibilities.  In the region, the shopping centers are numerous, easy to reach and with ample parking space.