The Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, which covers Setúbal, Palmela, Azeitão and Sesimbra, has many aspects.

In one valley you imagine yourself in Tuscany (Vale dos Barris) while in another you get more of a Black Forest impression (Vale do Alcube - Picheleiros). Then again, the location of Cabo Espichel looks straight out of a western movie set and you suddenly expect to see horsemen around the corner.


In short, an area to be discovered through various hiking trails.

The highest peak of the mountain range (501m) can only be visited with a guide because it is in a protected part of the natural park.


In terms of flora and fauna, there are some species here that are unique to the region.


In autumn and winter, the wild boars even come to the beach and you can see them paddling.

Deer are shyer and more difficult to observe.

The eagles, on the other hand, can be seen gliding gracefully in the air on the thermals.


Setúbal Bay is home to a unique group of dolphins (Roazes-Corvineiro) that you can spot on a guided boat trip.


Numerous birds are also present.

For bird watching, the Moinho de Maré da Mourisca is the place to be. At this location, with its restored tide

 mill, water basins and adjacent salt marshes, you will find many birds, including herons, storks and periodic flamingos.