Regional specialties

Apart from the two best-known local products, Moscatel de Setúbal and Queijo de Azeitão, there are many other delicacies. These products are sure to go with one of the many wines.



The unique Queijo de Azeitão is still made by hand from daily fresh sheep's milk. In the region, you will regularly meet shepherds with their flock. Other types of sheep's cheese are also available, such as fresh and matured, as well as a sheep's butter.


Sweets and pastries:

In the area of desserts and especially pastries, the influence of the former colonies is noticeable, certainly many Brazilian recipes can be found in pastries.


The typical pastries of Palmela are:

Fogaças de Palmela                                     Santiagos                                           Suspiros de Palmela

Tortas de Azeitão                                          Bolinhos de amêndoa                        Carolinos



The popular Moscatel de Setúbal is a fortified wine with an alcohol content of ±18%, derived from the Muscat grape. Two versions are usually made: the regional from the white and the Roxo from the red Muscat grape.


A liqueur with history is Arrabidine, that originated in the Convento da Arrábida and is now produced by Lima Fortuna. Herbs from the Serra da Arrábida are used in the centuries-old recipe.


With the many orange trees in the region, Licor de Laranja is a surprising product that is a formidable competitor to Limoncello, especially in summer.